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Gay Bungalows Paso Chico

Gay Bungalows Paso Chico is a men-only bungalow complex located in Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria. The complex features 6 bungalows, a pool and a small garden, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. The complex is centrally located and directly opposite the CC Yumbo, where you can find various shopping, dining and entertainment options. This makes it a convenient choice for guests who don't want to travel long distances to access these amenities. 

The bungalows at Paso Chico are self-catering, but they offer additional hotel services such as room cleaning, laundry service and more.

Features at Gay Bungalows Paso Chico:

  • Men-only bungalow complex
  • 6 bungalows, pool and small garden
  • Central location with direct access to CC Yumbo
  • Self-catering bungalows with additional hotel services
  • Room cleaning, laundry service and more
  • Excursion options available in Gran Canaria


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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about Gay Bungalows Paso Chico in online reviews.

  • Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere
  • Clean bungalows with comfortable beds
  • Convenient location near shopping, dining, and entertainment options
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Well-maintained complex
  • Good value for money
  • Lack of air conditioning in bungalows


Av. Estados Unidos, 39, 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana

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