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Overall, Basement Studios seems to be a nice place to relax and meet other people. The bungalows, swimming pool, and sunbugds provide plenty of opportunities for tanning and socializing.

One key feature is that all rooms have a sling!

The Cruising area is particularly popular with guests. The staff is generally efficient and polite, with some standing out for their exceptional friendliness.

Features at Basement Studios:

  • Hotels and Cruise Bars
  • Six bungalows
  • Swimming pool
  • Solarium area
  • Large Cruising area
  • Great location


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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about Basement Studios in online reviews.

  • The staff is friendly and efficient, especially the barman on Thursday
  • The atmosphere is fun and welcoming
  • The bungalows are well-appointed
  • The swimming pool and solarium area are great for lounging in the sun
  • The cruising area is a hit with the more adventurous members of the gay community
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the sunbeds are dirty and broken, and that the apartments could use a deep clean and update.
  • Visitors have had a great time and would recommend this resort.


Av. Estados Unidos, 37, 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana


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