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London Leathermen is a membership club based in London, established in 1973, primarily catering to gay, bi, and queer men interested in leather, rubber, and uniforms. Originally known as MSC London, the club has a rich history and focuses on fostering a sense of fellowship and community among its members.

The organization emphasizes the importance of real-life interactions and building lasting friendships within the community, especially in an era dominated by online platforms like Gaydar, Grindr, and Recon. London Leathermen aims to create a space where members can gather with pride, support each other, and uphold a set of ideals integral to the fetish scene. These ideals include fostering a non-judgmental environment, prioritizing kindness, and celebrating unity and fellowship.

Key to the club's philosophy is inclusivity and respect for all community members, regardless of their individual backgrounds. They stress the importance of open discussion, unanimous decision-making, and respecting the contributions of both elders for their experience and youth for their potential.

London Leathermen organizes various events and social gatherings, such as The Gear Social, Leather Cruise at Underground, and Mr Leather London. These events not only promote the club's ethos but also serve the broader kink community, not just their members.

The club also maintains a commitment to do no harm but also to stand firm against any negativity, encapsulating a strong sense of community support and resilience. They invite those who share their worldview to join and contribute to the future of the club and the wider kink scene.


The Gear Social

A monthly social gathering for enthusiasts of various fetish gears such as leather, rubber, neoprene, Lycra, and uniforms. An opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones in a dedicated community space. Attendees are encouraged to showcase their fetish through at least one piece of gear.

The Leather Social

An inclusive event for those interested in the leather scene, offering a welcoming space for both newcomers and seasoned participants. Gear is encouraged but not mandatory, making it ideal for anyone curious about the leather community or looking to make new connections.

Leather Cruise at Underground

A collaborative event by London Leathermen and BLUF, offering a dedicated night for leather enthusiasts. This monthly gathering is designed as a safe space for socializing, lighting cigars, cruising, and play. It features a cruising dark room and a rooftop cigar terrace, catering to the leather community's diverse interests.

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