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Bears & beards pub

Greetings, travelers and city dwellers of Stockholm! Brace yourselves for an extraordinary evening at SLM Stockholm. This gathering is dedicated to celebrating the bear community and those with a penchant for beards, and of course, their circle of friends and admirers. This event epitomizes inclusivity, inviting the entire LGBTQ+ community to join in the celebration.

Craving something tasty? Indulge in a delicious meal for a mere 75 SEK, available until it runs out!

Membership details: Access to this lively event requires a membership with SLM Stockholm or an A-membership from any associated Top of Europe club. Haven't joined yet? No worries, just apply on the SLM Stockholm website before the event.

Anticipate a night of warmth and easy camaraderie, perfect for social butterflies and those looking to form new connections. Be a part of this unique celebration in Stockholm's animated gay scene! 🌟🐻