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SLM Stockholm is a fetish bar that caters exclusively to men. Take advantage of the bar's low prices and the attractive men. 

Be sure to register as a member before the doors open to get inside, as this is a members-only club.

Check their schedule to make sure you have the proper dress code for the night.

Wednesdays are usually after work which means no dress code.
Fridays are a bit more strict, but you can get away with the basic requirement, which is jeans and a dark t-shirt.
Saturdays are more strict fetish - be sure to check the theme for the night!

How to get to SLM Stockholm

To get to SLM Stockholm, the easiest way is to take the Metro (red line) to Mariatorget station and exit at Mariatorget/Swedenborgsgatan. Alternatively, you can take the commuter train to Södra station and exit at Swedenborgsgatan. The club is located at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18 and can be accessed by ringing the doorbell on the left side of the door near the keypad.

Theme nights at SLM Stockholm

Some nights are theme nights at Stockholms gay fetish bar. On these nights, there are more strict dress codes or even activities. These include sports night (for those who like sports gear) and Berlin (leather and rubber). There are also more sex-oriented themes at the club, such as Naked nights and FF, which are held monthly.

The newest addition to the club is their puppy nights. Into pups - check their calendar when the next opportunity arises. 

SLM Stockholm is part of Top of Europe

Top of Europe is a non-profit organization that was created in 1992 to promote unity and brotherhood among clubs in Northern Europe that cater to men who have sex with men and have an interest in masculine fetishes such as leather, rubber, sport, skinhead, and uniform. The organization was inspired by Tom of Finland and the European leather and rubber scene, and seeks to uphold the Northern European culture of openness and friendship across borders. All of Top of Europe's member clubs are non-profit organizations run by their members for their members, and most require membership for access.

Dress code at SLM Stockholm

SLM Stockholm has several dress code options for its events. 

A specific dress code may be required for specific events, which will be announced on their website along with the event. The club's volunteers will determine if a guest's outfit meets the required dress code.

The dress code options include Leather, Rubber, Uniform, Worker, Sportswear, Jocks & Underwear, Skinhead, and Nude. Some nights even jeans and a single colored t-shirt works fine.

Features at SLM Stockholm:

  • Club for men with a fetish
  • Run entirely by its members voluntarily
  • Variety of events and special interest groups
  • Services include a bar, sling room, dark room, and playroom
  • Smoking area and coat check
  • Membership is required to visit, except on Open House nights
  • Applications for new or temporary membership must be made on the club's website before your planned visit.

Opening hours

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We try to keep this information updated, but always check their website for updated information.


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Patrick Hansson 8 months ago

A perfect place to visit to meet like-minded men. Be sure to register online before going there as that is part of the requirements to enter. If you are new to fetish - check out their open house days or maybe start with a Wednesday (which is the "after-work" day without dress code").

Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about SLM Stockholm in online reviews.

  • The membership process can be difficult and time-consuming
  • Staff are friendly and helpful
  • The club is small
  • Parties can be hit or miss
  • The entrance can be hard to find
  • Strict legal rules make the identification process difficult
  • Good value for money
  • Relaxed atmosphere and good prices
  • Can be boring
  • Hidden from the outside world
  • A cult-like subscription system
  • Great location for kinksters
  • Friendly staff and nice place
  • Non-smoking bar with a separate smoking area.


Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18, 118 50, Stockholm



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