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Quälgeist Berlin e.V.

Step into Quälgeist Berlin, your ultimate sanctuary for SM and fetish adventures.

This non-commercial space spans 300 sqm and is decked out with everything from St. Andrew’s cross to slings and cages. While it's not your typical cruising spot, it does offer a cozy bar where you can mingle and find like-minded play partners.

The venue prioritizes safety, so rest assured that consent and well-being are top of mind. Frequent events cater mainly to gay men and include special weekends for extended SM play and training. New to Berlin or just visiting? So come, explore, and relish the 'rough times' in a space that celebrates it.


You can become a temporary member for the night. Run by community members, the space thrives on participation and is funded through memberships.

Mixed or gay?

Different nights cater for different crowds, so be sure to check their schedule for what event you may want to attend.


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Lankwitzer Str. 42/43, 12107, Berlin

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