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GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin

GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin is a place for those seeking to experience the world of tantra through massage. In addition to massages, GAY-TANTRA also offers a range of other services, including seminars, masseur training programs, and a webshop.

The team at GAY-TANTRA is led by Armin Heining and Frederik, both of whom are certified masseurs with a dedication to providing high quality and professional service. The Oasis Berlin location offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for clients to fully enjoy their massage experience.

Features at GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin:

  • A wide range of massage options including "Erotisch & Wellness," "Multiple Orgasms," "Rituals," and "Special"
  • Seminars and masseur training programs
  • A webshop selling various products


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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin in online reviews.

  • The experience was sensually inspiring and took place in a spiritual context.
  • The staff were very nice and the masseur had "gold hands."
  • The massage was one of the most satisfying i've experienced.
  • The rooms were very sensual and cosy.


Büsingstraße 3, 12161, Berlin


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