Amsterdam Pride: A Rainbow Journey from Stockholm to the Canals

Amsterdam Pride: A Rainbow Journey from Stockholm to the Canals

August 6, 2023

When it comes to celebrating love and acceptance, Pride Week is nothing short of a global festival (on totally different dates). The bright colors, the vibrant energy, the sense of unity — it's something you have to experience to truly understand. This August, our friends and we embarked on a journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam, two cities renowned for their Pride celebrations.

Stockholm's Pride to Amsterdam’s Glitter

Leaving Stockholm during its Pride Week might seem like a strange choice for some. After all, the city lights up with rainbows, and the streets echo with laughter and music. However, our group had a shared dream: to witness the magic of Amsterdam Pride — a dream that was about to come true.

Ready to board the flight with KLM

We boarded our KLM flight on a Thursday, bubbling with excitement. The moment we landed, Amsterdam’s spirit was palpable. Without wasting any time, we headed straight to quench our thirst with some refreshing beers and immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere.

The first stop was the Fetish Social at the Huxton, a very nice event mingling with old friends. Our evening led us to the bustling street parties on Reguliersdwarsstraat. The energy, the crowd, the music — it was the beginning of what promised to be an unforgettable trip.

We visited: BlendXL, SOHO Amsterdam, Taboo

A Day of Indulgence

Friday was all about exploring and soaking in the city's vibe. Amsterdam is known for its unique and diverse shopping destinations, and being Pride, there were numerous gay stores that added a touch of flair and extravagance to the streets. While we did indulge in a bit of shopping, most of our time was spent window shopping, marveling at the myriad of products on display, and of course, people-watching.

What's a trip to Amsterdam without enjoying its famous fries? Paired with beer, it was a treat that kept us going. As the sun set, we found ourselves amidst the electrifying atmosphere of Crash, one of the iconic street parties. Dancing, laughing, and making memories, we lived in the moment.

Some of the shops we visited: Black Body, House of Riegillio, It’s A Present, Mister B, RoB Amsterdam

The Parade on the Canals

Saturday was the day we'd all been waiting for — the main parade day. Unlike traditional street parades, Amsterdam Pride is unique, with its float parade meandering gracefully through the city's iconic canals. All sides of the canals are packed with bystanders partying on boats and on the streets. The reflections of the vibrant floats on the water, the joyous crowds on the bridges, and the music echoing through the streets made it an enchanting experience.

The city was bursting at its seams with visitors and locals alike, all there to join in the festivities. As the evening approached, we made our way to various parties around the town. While the streets were almost too crowded, the spirit of Pride, the camaraderie, and the love in the air made it all worthwhile.

We managed to visit: Eagle Amsterdam, Dirty Dick’s, Prik

Homeward Bound

Sunday came too soon, and it was time for some last-minute shopping before we bid adieu to the city that had given us a lifetime of memories. With bags full of souvenirs and hearts filled with joy, we boarded our flight back to Sweden.

We visited: The Bronx, Underground Fetish, Gays & Gadgets


In the end, it wasn't just about the parties or the shopping. It was about the experience, the shared moments, and most importantly, the celebration of love, acceptance, and pride. Amsterdam, you were spectacular! Until next time.

Cheers and thank you for this time Amsterdam