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Plural Country is an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering the LGBTIQ+ community in Venezuela. They focus on raising awareness, educating society, and promoting LGBTIQ+ participation to create a more inclusive and safe environment.

Their initiatives include PRISMA, the first diploma in diverse and inclusive leadership in Venezuela, aimed at training LGBTIQ+ individuals and allies in human rights defense. They also conduct projects to gather data on the living conditions of LGBTIQ+ people in the country, aiming to develop new projects for their well-being. Additionally, Plural Country establishes "Plural Spaces" – safe and welcoming environments where LGBTIQ+ individuals can feel accepted and free from discrimination.

The organization also engages in publishing articles on various related topics, including the achievements of LGBTIQ+ leaders and issues like misogyny on the internet. They encourage people to stay informed by subscribing to their newsletter.


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