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Schlomer Haus Gallery, situated in the heart of San Francisco, focuses on showcasing the works of next-generation and mid-career queer artists. It's a venue dedicated to bringing to the forefront the unique voices and perspectives of underrepresented and emerging talents in the art world. The gallery's mission is to nurture and highlight the dynamic creativity of these artists, creating an environment where their artistic expressions can thrive, resonate, and inspire a wider audience.

The gallery has gained recognition for exhibiting works from a diverse range of artists, including Clifford Prince King, Zackary Drucker, Matt Lipps, Chloe Sherman, Kostis Fokas, Jun Yang, Colin J. Radcliffe, and Kevin Sabo. Through these exhibitions, Schlomer Haus Gallery not only showcases art but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the varied experiences and expressions within the queer community.


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2128 Market St, 94114, San Francisco

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