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El Mirasol Villas, a charming hotel with a rich history, began as a six-building compound built in 1947 by Howard Hughes, possibly to charm Elizabeth Taylor to the California desert. While it's unclear if Hughes succeeded, the property has since hosted stars like Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe.

Converted into a hotel in the early 1950s and once owned by Bob Hope in the 1960s, El Mirasol gained distinction as the first gay hotel in Palm Springs when it reopened in 1975. The hotel expanded in the 1980s and was purchased by the current hosts, Paul & Bruce, in 2000. They are dedicated to maintaining El Mirasol Villas as a "flower in the sun," a nod to its name's translation and its sunny legacy.


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525 S Warm Sands Dr, 92264, Palm Springs


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