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Phuket Gay Homestay - Neramit Hill

Phuket Gay Homestay - Neramit Hill

Phuket Gay Homestay is a unique all-male BnB that offers a comfortable and homelike atmosphere for its guests. With only 4 rooms and a maximum of 8 simultaneous guests, it provides an intimate and friendly environment for travelers to the area. The homestay is located in Kathu, which is close to both Patong and Phuket town, as well as the popular beaches. The location is convenient for exploring the stunning nature and gorgeous beaches of the island.

The rooms at Phuket Gay Homestay are equipped with air-conditioning, free-of-charge WiFi Internet connection, 24-hour access to the swimming pool, breakfast, and a shared TV room with movie channels. Room rates start at 600 THB and include breakfast, making it an affordable option for travelers. The homestay also has a steam sauna available after 6 PM and a swimming pool that is open to in-house guests. On request, day passes can be issued for 100 THB.

Guests can expect a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The homestay encourages guests to negotiate activities and excursions around the breakfast table, such as exploring the market or indulging in the nightlife in Patong. If guests just want to relax, they can hang out by the swimming pool or take advantage of the good internet speed for work. With a no gambling, drugs, or drama policy, Phuket Gay Homestay provides a safe and enjoyable stay for all guests.

Features at Phuket Gay Homestay - Neramit Hill:

  • All-male BnB
  • 4 bedroom pool villa
  • Air-conditioning
  • Free of charge WiFi Internet connection
  • 24-hour access to the swimming pool
  • Shared TV room with movie channels
  • Room rates include breakfast
  • Convenient location in Kathu, close to Patong and Phuket town
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Negotiations for activities and excursions around the breakfast table
  • Steam sauna available after 6 PM
  • Swimming pool open to in-house guests


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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about Phuket Gay Homestay - Neramit Hill in online reviews.

  • Comfortable and clean rooms
  • Tasty American breakfast
  • Excellent pool area
  • Good communication with hosts
  • High speed internet
  • Affordable laundry
  • Great location, walking distance to shops and restaurants
  • Quiet and peaceful surroundings
  • Good local food recommendations
  • Large and freshly cooked breakfasts
  • Exceptional hosts with great company and knowledge of the area
  • Hosts helped make the stay pleasant and memorable


135 Soi Bangtong, 6, 83120, Kathu District


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