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The Batshit Club is hosting its next queer kinky munch at Whippet Lab Stockholm, marking the 9th event in their series and the final munch before their queer play party. This event aims to foster a supportive community for queer individuals interested in exploring kinks and building connections, whether for friendship, play partners, or more. It's a space dedicated to queer liberation, inclusivity, and the celebration of diverse identities and desires.

Participants can expect a cozy, welcoming atmosphere where they can share experiences, learn, and engage with fellow queer perverts. The event features a social game designed to facilitate conversations about kinks and help attendees find potential new play partners. The Batshit Club emphasizes an intersectional feminist approach, ensuring a safe environment free from discrimination and kink-shaming.

The munch is perfect for anyone within the queer community looking to connect with like-minded individuals in a respectful and fun setting. Newcomers are especially encouraged, with the assurance that many attend solo and the hosts are committed to everyone's comfort and inclusion.

For those interested in joining the broader conversation and keeping up with future events, the Stockholm queer munch network and Batshit Club's social media channels offer additional resources and opportunities for engagement.

Hosted by @paneric, @bewitched, and @nimroo, the event exemplifies the Batshit Club's mission to create safer, alternative spaces for the queer kinky community in Stockholm.

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Queer Munch will take place at Whippet Lab & Social Justice Club.

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