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Cabaret Moulin, also fondly known as Kabaret Moulän and Kabare Molin: Malmö's Sparkling Drag Show Extravaganza

Cabaret Moulin, a dazzling drag show ensemble based in Malmö, has been captivating audiences since 2006 with its unique blend of glitter, glamour, and humor. This trio of close friends - the candid Babushka, elegant Elecktra, and disco queen Carina Desoleil - brings together spectacular dance numbers and audacious cheekiness.

Known for their distinctive styles and infectious humor, they ensure a memorable experience that resonates long after the show. The group has graced many of Malmö's top stages and has been a consistent nominee for Sweden's best drag show, even winning prestigious awards like "Årets Drag" in 2016.

Collaborating with talents like Vanity Room for hairstyling and Isabel Nilsson for dressmaking, Cabaret Moulin continues to evolve and innovate in the vibrant world of drag entertainment. This troupe is not just a show but a celebration of drag artistry, making it a must-see in Malmö for anyone seeking a night of laughter, glamour, and unforgettable performances.

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