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RFSL Malmö is the active voice for the rights of HBTQI-people in the region. 

They are active politically and hosts the local pride parade every year.

Some of their initiatives include:

  • Newcomers: Helping immigrants with their rights and how to fit in the hbtqi-world of Sweden.

  • spAce: Exploring the space of aromantic and asexual but also for those still not secure about identity/sexuallity.

  • Queerkids: For queers on parental leave and their kids.

  • Senior: Fighting loneliness among the older hbtqi folks.

  • Regnbågskören: HBTQ-man quire. 

  • Radio RFSL: Radio about the rainbow side of life and society in Malmö. Live every week and also available as a podd.

Features at RFSL Malmö:

  • Resources on health, sex, and HIV
  • Opportunities for members to get involved


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  • Very nice meetingpoint for LGBT+ people
  • Lovely people work there


Stora Nygatan 42, 211 37, Malmö

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