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VillaFonzie Adults Only Gayfriendly

VillaFonzie Adults Only Gayfriendly

VillaFonzie Adults Only Gayfriendly is a B&B located in Montaña La Data, Gran Canaria. 

The B&B provides the option of three bedrooms:

  • Room Sunrise with a private terrace and views of the pool, hills, and ocean

  • Room Black with a bathroom across the bedroom

  • Room Grey with an en suite bathroom but located at level -1 with limited view. 

All rooms are equipped with a minibar, water kettle, TV, air conditioning, safe, and fiber optic internet. The shared facilities include the pool, whirlpool, terrace, and lounge. Nude sunbathing is allowed.

The B&B is in an ideal location for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere but still close to the beach. It is situated in a little village in the hills around Maspalomas, with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, hills, and Maspalomas Dunes. The beach is just a short drive away.

It's highly recommend renting a car to fully enjoy all that Gran Canaria has to offer.

Features at VillaFonzie Adults Only Gayfriendly:

  • 3 bedrooms with amenities like minibar, TV, air conditioning, safe, and fiber optic internet
  • Shared pool, whirlpool, terrace, and lounge
  • Nude sunbathing allowed
  • Fiber optic internet available throughout the B&B


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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about VillaFonzie Adults Only Gayfriendly in online reviews.

  • Great hospitality and attention to detail by the hosts
  • Exceptional experience with panoramic view, pool and jacuzzi, and personalized recommendations
  • Clean and tidy place, comfortable bed
  • Warm welcome, loving and well-cared for atmosphere
  • Good basic European breakfast with additional options on request
  • Cheap minibar prices, good coffee
  • Quiet location with good restaurants nearby
  • Tips for cultural activities, hikes, parties, etc. provided by the hosts


C. Pedro del Castillo Olivares, 10, 35109, Montaña la Data

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