Apartamentos Tajinaste Beach Gay only

Apartamentos Tajinaste Beach Gay only

Apartamentos Tajinaste Beach Gay only is a small, well-designed resort with comfortable and well-equipped apartments. The property includes a good swimming pool and hot tub, and is within easy walking distance of the Yumbo Centre and a few minutes from the beach. The clothing optional policy is an added bonus. However, some guests have reported issues with cleanliness and customer service, as well as outdated facilities.

Features at Apartamentos Tajinaste Beach Gay only:

  • Clothing optional
  • Peaceful oasis location
  • Close to the beach and Yumbo shopping center
  • Variety of accommodations
  • Well-equipped rooms with kitchen, terrace, hair dryer, iron, and air conditioning
  • Unique experiences, such as massages and visits to the natural reserve


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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about Apartamentos Tajinaste Beach Gay only in online reviews.

  • The property is well designed and comfortable
  • Swimming pool and hot tub are good
  • Easy walk to Yumbo Centre and the beach
  • Clothing optional
  • Jacuzzi was out of order for some guests
  • Management is helpful and flexible
  • Location is central and convenient
  • Quiet and peaceful area
  • Value for money is good.


C. Lisboa, 3, 35100 San BartolomΓ© de Tirajana, Las Palmas, Spain


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