What's not to love about Barcelona. The bustling city of Catalonia located on the shoreline to the mediterranean sea. You get the perfect combination of a city full of culture and pleasure right next to the beach!

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It's wildly famous for tourists from around the world visiting the buildings of Gaudi and the nature surrounding the city.

Food is always easily accessible and great on almost any street. Get some pinxos and some cava or sangria and get ready to hit the next bar or club!

The city is very gay friendly so it's no surprise it has become extremely popular!


Frequently asked questions


Is Barcelona gay-friendly?

Yes, Barcelona is gay-friendly. You'll find plenty of bars and places. Personally never had any issues with public affection either.


When is gay pride in Barcelona?

Gay pride in Barcelona is usually during June. Last year, 2022, it was between June 13-26th. Check out their website at or follow our event guide to find out more. 


Where is the gay area in Barcelona?

It's called Eixample district. The Gaixample (a play on the words 'gay' and 'eixample') is Barcelona's gay district. It's the hotspot for gay shops, bars, hotels, and nightclubs.


Is there a gay hotel in Barcelona?

There are few gay hotels, like Axel Hotel and Two Hotel by Axel, in Barcelona. There are also many gay-friendly hotels near Gaixample (Eixample), which is gay-friendly even though they don't announce it. Check for a hotel on the streets of Carrer de Diputació between Aribau and Villarroel, Carrer d'Aragó, Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, and Carrer de Balmes, and you'll be fine.

When is gay pride in Barcelona?

Fabulous darlings, Barcelona's Gay Pride usually takes place in late June, with a fantastical parade and diverse festivities to celebrate love and promote LGBTQ+ rights. Stay tuned for the exact dates as they may vary each year. 🏳️‍🌈

Are there any other annual or recurring gay events in Barcelona?

Absolutely, honey! Barcelona also hosts events like the International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in October, Circuit Festival in August (a massive gay clubbing extravaganza), and the LGBTQ+ arts & culture event, Panteres Grogues, in April. Enjoy a fabulous year-round LGBTQ+ scene!

Is there a gay sauna in Barcelona?

Oh honey, Barcelona knows how to steam it up! There are several gay saunas, including Sauna Gay Casanova, Sauna Gay Condal, and Sauna Gay Thermas. Check out the full list of saunas here. Enjoy and remember, it's getting hot in there! 🔥

Where are the gay bars in Barcelona?

Sweetie, Barcelona has a fabulous bar scene! Head over to the Eixample (gayxample) neighborhood where you'll find bars like Night Barcelona, Moeem Barcelona, and La Chapelle. For a complete list of the best gay bars and clubs in the city, click here. Cheers! 🍸

Is there a gay district or area in Barcelona?

Oh darling, there sure is! Barcelona's famous gay district, known as the 'Gaixample' (or Gayxample), located in the Eixample area, is home to numerous LGBTQ+ friendly bars, clubs, shops, and more. It's the perfect place to strut your stuff and immerse yourself in local LGBTQ+ culture! 💃

How do I get to the city from the airport when traveling to Barcelona?

Travel in style, honey! You can take the Aerobús from the airport, which runs every 5-10 minutes from Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 to Plaça Catalunya. Alternatively, take the RENFE train from Terminal 2 to the city center or use a taxi, which usually costs around €30. Welcome to fabulous Barcelona! ✈️

How do I best get around in Barcelona?

Navigating Barcelona is a breeze! The city has excellent public transport options, such as buses, metro, and trams. A single ticket costs around €2.40. You can also explore the city by bike, or indulge in a bit of luxury by using a taxi or car rental service. Just remember to enjoy the view, darling! 👌

Is there a gay fetish community in Barcelona?

Oh, you naughty thing! Barcelona indeed has a thriving gay fetish community. Gear up and head for cruising bars such as Berlin Dark, or playrooms like Boyberry and Xman aduff private club. Prepare to unleash your wild side, and remember: what happens in Barcelona's fetish scene stays there! 😈

Is there a gay or gay-friendly hotel in Barcelona?

Of course, darling! Barcelona offers a variety of LGBTQ+ friendly accommodations, ranging from boutique to luxurious. Check out the list of gay and gay-friendly hotels in the city here. Sweet dreams, and enjoy your stylish stay. 🌈

What are the top attractions to see in Barcelona?

  • La Sagrada Familia: The iconic, awe-inspiring basilica by Gaudí, it's simply unmissable!

  • Park Güell: A beautiful park full of Gaudí's works and a fabulous view of the city.

  • Las Ramblas: Stroll down the famous boulevard filled with street performers, shops, and cafés.

  • Casa Batlló & Casa Milà: Two more splendid Gaudí-designed masterpieces.

  • Barri Gòtic: A historical neighborhood with narrow streets, charming squares, and lovely architecture.

Trust me, darling, you'll be Instagramming every moment of these fabulous sights! 📸

Can you suggest some LGBTQ+-themed landmarks or historical sites to visit in Barcelona?

  • Plaça de Joan Coromines: A square commemorating the persecution of LGBTQ+ people under Franco's regime.

  • Rosa de foc: A touching LGBTQ+ memorial sculpture located near the marina.

These sites remind us of the struggles and progress of the local LGBTQ+ community, always worth a visit! 💕

What is the best time of year to visit Barcelona for gay travelers?

Barcelona is always fabulous, but the best time for gay travelers is from May to September, when the city sees many LGBTQ+ festivities such as Gay Pride in late June, Circuit Festival in August, and countless legendary beach parties. Unleash your inner diva and have the time of your life in the Mediterranean sun! 🌞

Are there any LGBTQ+ meetups or social groups that we can join during our stay?

Absolutely, darling! Barcelona has a thriving LGBTQ+ community with plenty of meetups, social groups, and activities to join. Consult local LGBTQ+ websites, social media pages, and apps for the most up-to-date info on events and gatherings. Go ahead, make new fabulous friends and party the night away! 🕺

Are there popular dating apps or websites used more commonly by the LGBTQ+ community in Barcelona?

Of course, sweetie! In addition to popular international apps like Grindr, Scruff, and HER, Barcelona's LGBTQ+ community also enjoys local apps like Wapo and Wapa for men and women respectively. Swipe, match, and meet amazing people in Barcelona's vibrant gay scene! 💖

Are there any LGBTQ+ friendly language courses or conversation groups in Barcelona?

Definitely, darling! Many language schools in Barcelona offer LGBTQ+ friendly courses, and there are numerous language exchange meetups where you can practice Spanish with open-minded people. Check out local LGBTQ+ community centers, social media groups, or apps for event listings. Parla, honey! 🗣️

What are the laws and regulations regarding public displays of affection for LGBTQ+ couples in Barcelona?

Fear not, lovebirds! Spain is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries, and public displays of affection (such as holding hands, hugging, or kissing) are legal and widely accepted in Barcelona. Feel free to express your love, but always remember to be respectful of the local customs and the people around you. Love conquers all, darling! 💞

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