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Mr. Fetish Eagle 2024


Mr. Fetish Eagle returns! On Saturday, April 20th, Eagle will be hosting the election for the new Mr. Fetish Eagle. Whether you have a preference for leather, rubber, army, sportswear, or any other type of fetish, you have the opportunity to become the new Mr. Fetish Eagle 2024. Aspiring contestants can now sign up for the title. Please click on the link below to fill out the form, and we will promptly contact you.

In the event of more than three candidates, we will conduct a pre-voting online in March to select the three final candidates. On April 20th, starting from 21:00 at Eagle Amsterdam, we (and you) will participate in the election of the new Mr. Fetish Eagle 2024.

The current title holder, Rain Belie, will pass on the sash to the new Mister Fetish Eagle

Sign-up as a contestant here: (or link in bio)