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Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this establishment is more than just a cafe – it's a political hub. Through a diverse range of events and activities such as punk, queer, hip-hop, vegan food gatherings (voku), film screenings, and informative sessions, they actively support political causes. 

Among their regular offerings, Wednesdays feature a Queer voku with vegan cuisine starting at 19:00, followed by a lively party at 22:00. Fridays are dedicated to Punk Nights beginning at 21:00. 

On many Saturdays and various other occasions, the venue hosts benefit concerts, parties, and events that embrace punk, queer culture, and more. Additionally, every alternate first Saturday of the month is dedicated to hip-hop, starting at 21:00. This multifaceted space serves as a platform for political engagement and vibrant community interactions.


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Spuistraat 216, 1012 VT, Amsterdam


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