The capital of Malta, and since 1980 listed as a world heritage by Unesco. It also has a gay scene that we're inviting you into!

Things in Valletta

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Whether you stay in Valletta during your trip to Malta or not, it's easily accessible by cheap accessible public transport. In Valetta, you can see the proud history of Malta in all its glory!

Things to see and do

Most of the Maltese attractions are found in Valletta! These are a few highlights:

  • National War Museum and Fort St. Elmo
    Beautiful view of the harbor from the fort that also holds the war museum. You can also have a swim from the cliffs below the fort.

  • St John's CO-Cathedral
    Fantastic cathedral built at the end of the 1500th century. It is mostly famous for the painting by Caravaggio.

  • Grand Master's Palace
    One of the first buildings in Valetta (1571) that has been the house of power over Malta. You can visit the Palace, Armory, and staterooms for 10 euros almost every day.

  • The Saluting Battery
    Every day at 16:00 the guns fire. You can hear it from afar, but it's a fun spectacle to watch. You can also see the guns from the Upper Barrakka Gardens which is a good viewpoint of all of the city.


When is gay pride in Valletta?

Darling, Gay Pride in Valletta typically takes place in September. Keep an eye out for exact dates and fabulous events!

Are there any other annual or recurring gay events in Valletta?

Apart from the fabulous Pride celebrations, Valletta doesn't have many recurring gay events, but fear not! There's plenty of fun to be had in the local gay scene throughout the year.

Is there a gay sauna in Valletta?

Valletta doesn't have any exclusive gay saunas, so you'll have to steam things up at one of the city's fabulous bars or clubs instead. 😘

Where are the gay bars in Valletta?

Gay bars in Valletta are scattered throughout the city, but don't you worry! Check out these fabulous spots: 131 City Lounge, Lollipopp, and Maori. Have a blast, darling!

Is there a gay district or area in Valletta?

Valletta doesn't have an official gay district, but the city is quite LGBT-friendly. You'll find welcoming establishments and friendly faces throughout the city!

How do I get to the city from the airport when traveling to Valletta?

Getting to Valletta from the airport is a breeze! You can take a bus, taxi, or a shuttle service. The bus ride is the most economical option, while the taxi or shuttle service offers more convenience and speed.

How do I best get around in Valletta?

Valletta is best explored on foot, but darling, if you don't feel like strutting around, there are public buses, taxis, and bicycles available. Fares for public transport are quite reasonable, and taxis can be found at designated points or booked via apps.

Is there a gay fetish community in Valletta?

While Valletta may not have a large, open gay fetish community, do not despair! The city has an underground scene where like-minded individuals gather to explore their kinks. Keep an eye out for special events and don't hesitate to ask the locals. They might lead you to some exclusive, yet discreet, gatherings! It's always worth asking, darling.

Is there a gay or gay-friendly hotel in Valletta?

While Valletta doesn't have specific gay hotels, you'll find that many hotels in the city are LGBT-friendly. You can browse and book from a list of these fabulous accommodations at Valletta's Hotels. Enjoy your stay, sweetie!

What are the top attractions to see in Valletta?

  • St. John's Co-Cathedral: A stunning baroque cathedral with exquisite artwork and historical significance.

  • Upper Barrakka Gardens: Lush gardens offering breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour.

  • Grandmaster's Palace: A historic and fascinating palace with well-preserved interiors and artwork.

  • Forte Rinella: A unique, 19th-century British coastal fort showcasing military history.

  • Malta 5D: A thrilling, interactive cinematic experience showcasing Malta's rich history.

Can you suggest some LGBTQ+-themed landmarks or historical sites to visit in Valletta?

Valletta may not have specific LGBTQ+-themed landmarks, but the city's history, culture, and openness make for an inclusive experience. Be sure to delve into the local art scene and check out exhibitions that showcase diverse perspectives and queer themes.

What is the best time of year to visit Valletta for gay travelers?

The best time to visit Valletta for gay travelers is from April to June or September to October. The weather is delightful, and you'll avoid the summer crowds. If you plan your visit around September, you can experience Gay Pride month in the city!

Are there any LGBTQ+ meetups or social groups that we can join during our stay?

Valletta may not have many formal LGBTQ+ meetups, but the local scene is welcoming and inclusive. Check out local social media pages and events to connect with fellow LGBTQ+ visitors and locals. There's always a chance for a fabulous new friendship!

Are there popular dating apps or websites used more commonly by the LGBTQ+ community in Valletta?

In Valletta, popular dating apps like Grindr, Tinder, and Scruff are commonly used by the LGBTQ+ community. Don't hesitate to swipe right and make new connections, darling!

Are there any LGBTQ+ friendly language courses or conversation groups in Valletta?

While there may not be specific LGBTQ+ language courses, many language schools in Valletta are inclusive and LGBTQ+-friendly. Feel free to sign up for courses, where you can meet diverse individuals and share interesting conversations!

What are the laws and regulations regarding public displays of affection for LGBTQ+ couples in Valletta?

LGBTQ+ couples are legally allowed to display affection in public (kissing, holding hands, etc.) in Valletta. It is generally a safe and accepting atmosphere. However, just like with any couple, always be aware of your surroundings and respect local customs and sensibilities.

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