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Torino Pride 2024 🩷 Of love and struggle

Torino Pride 2024, themed "Of Love and Struggle," is set to take place on June 15 at 16:30, starting from the corner of Corso Principe Eugenio and Corso San Martino. This event marks the return of the pride march dedicated to the rights and claims of the LGBTQIA+ community, promising a vibrant and spirited demonstration through central Turin. The march aims to affirm the community’s existence, anger, love, and struggle through a colorful, combative, and festive procession.

Key Highlights of the Event:

  • Political Manifesto Extract: The essence of Pride is depicted as a collective motion of emotions and participation, originating as an act of rebellion against established power and ongoing oppression faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. The manifesto emphasizes reclaiming and narrating the concepts of love and struggle from unique perspectives and stories of the community. It speaks to defining love without permission and fighting for rights against societal norms imposed by a sexist, patriarchal, and violent society.

  • Commitment to Intersectionality: The event recognizes the intersections of multiple identities within the community, intertwining these paths with other causes. It positions itself against war, in support of all oppressed peoples, and in favor of unrecognized rights, emphasizing the need for strong alliances for unrecognized families, LGBTQIA+ individuals facing hate, murdered trans* individuals, and every questioned subjectivity.

  • Community and Institutional Support: The event is supported by major local institutions including the City of Turin, the Metropolitan City of Turin, the University of Turin, the Polytechnic University of Turin, and the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts. It is also in collaboration with Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta Pride.

  • Artistic Contribution: This year's visuals are created by Turinese artist Nicolò Canova, adding a local artistic flair to the event's promotion.

Torino Pride 2024 is not just a celebration but a powerful act of affirmation, love, and resistance, inviting everyone to partake in its joyful, noisy, fabulous, and scandalous expressions. The event will undoubtedly make a significant impact, both at the local and broader societal levels, as it aims to loudly voice its demands and existence to individuals and institutions alike.