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Leather Friends Italia (LFI) was established in 2010 by a group of friends determined to rekindle the fetish and leather scene across Italy, especially after the decline of similar interests in the Veneto region. With a name that embraces a wide array of fetishes beyond just leather—such as rubber, military, and skin—LFI emphasizes the value of friendship and community over mere membership.

From its initial seven founders, the organization has flourished into a diverse community of around 80 members, each bringing their unique backgrounds and preferences to the mix. This growth was fueled by a shared passion and the desire to create spaces where fetish enthusiasts could gather, celebrate, and express their interests without boundaries.

Today, LFI is more than a group; it's a vibrant community that chooses to unite under shared interests, offering a welcoming space for individuals to showcase their fetishes in ways that daily life might not permit. Participation in LFI's events, from casual pizza nights to more formal parties, doesn't require membership, highlighting the organization's inclusive approach. However, the sustainability and growth of LFI rely on the active engagement and support of its members, making it a collective endeavor to keep the fetish community alive and thriving in Italy.

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