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This is Athens oldest sauna and it has been in business for MANY years. To be honest this sometimes shows, but this also gives this place a bit of a ”charm”. The place is clean and well taken care of and most of the decor, saunas and jacuzzis has definitly been upgraded during the years.

With an entry price of only €10 it’s one of the cheapest saunas to visit in Athens. It also has a big variety of visitors which means most should be able to please their tastes.

Flex Sauna in Athens has 4 floors;

First floor is the locker rooms with an attached fetish room. Also includes a small shop for some fetish gear and various adult toys.

Second floor is where you find two saunas (fitting 4-5 people each) but with one being low temperature and one higher.  Having two saunas with different temperatures is a big plus in my book and love to see the other saunas in Athens learn from this. It also holds the showers along with a large steam sauna fitting something close to 25-30 people with an attached play room fitting even more depending on what activity they are up to.  It also holds one of their two Jacuzzis fitting 4-5 persons.

Third floor are the leather area and cabins. The cabins can be used for all your private encounters that you can experience here in Athens. It also has a video room with plenty of seating space and a big TV.

Forth floor is where you can grab yourself a cool drink, relax or enjoy the outdoor area on the roof. Once you get outside to the roof area you’ll find a nice place to work your tan (if you arrive daytime) or just enjoy the Jacuzzi in the open air as it feels great (even at 1 AM). Hopefully this is also the place for you to grab a smoke if needed. Sadly most smoking was done inside during my visit (kept at 4th floor luckily). Hopefully not normal behavior and if it is I really hope Flex Sauna considers changing it in the future.

To summarize my experience - This place has a nice mix of people, low entry price and very welcoming personal. The place is easy to find and has most of what a sauna should offer. I was a bit disturbed by the loud noises the steam sauna was making and could have hoped for some nicer decorations making the place feel like ”one place” instead of bits here and there placed around just to call it a sauna. This doesn’t affect the facility and what it has to offer however it would make it feel a complete experience.

Some other positive bits about the place is that they hand you two towels when you arrive which I think is great as I mostly have a towel you can squeeze water from after I’m done. They also have a big statement that they don’t allow escorts in the sauna which is nice according to me. 

So should you visit? Of course you should. 

Features at FLEX Sauna Gym:

  • 18 years of operation
  • Opened in 2004
  • Funded by a program from the ESPA/Attica Region
  • Features a hammam, warm jacuzzi, and sauna
  • Gallery and solarium on site

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Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about FLEX Sauna Gym in online reviews.

  • Staff is friendly and attentive
  • Clean facilities
  • Busy
  • Big rooms
  • Has a hidden military and fetish room
  • The roof is nice
  • Convenient location in the city center
  • Cold everywhere
  • Steam room not working
  • No shower close to the sauna
  • Summer has air conditioning
  • Great location for tourists
  • Good low entrance price
  • Best hours to go are in the afternoon on Sundays or Wednesdays
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highly recommend the experience
  • Unforgettable place
  • Discreet and modern space
  • Mixed crowd


Polykleitou 6, 105 51, Athens


City Centre


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