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Come Together Cup 2024 (Football)

Dive into the spirit of unity and sportsmanship at the Come Together Cup 2024, an extraordinary day of football, friendship, and fun scheduled for May 30th in vibrant Cologne. This annual charity football tournament assembles around 90 amateur teams from a diverse tapestry of backgrounds, celebrating inclusivity across different origins, skin colors, sexual orientations, faiths, and physical abilities. It’s a powerful display of unity through the universal language of sport, set against the backdrop of Cologne’s welcoming atmosphere.

But the Come Together Cup is more than just a tournament; it’s a festival of coming together. Beyond the thrill of the matches, it's an opportunity to engage in discussions, enjoy celebrations, and connect with thousands of individuals from various communities. Whether you're there to play, support your favorite team, or simply revel in the inclusive environment, the event promises a day full of meaningful encounters and joyful moments. Join us to celebrate diversity, foster dialogue, and enjoy the beautiful game in an event that truly brings people together – on and off the football field.