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CaveQueen is a unique drag show and theatrical performance. The show offers a blend of comedy, drag artistry, and social commentary, all presented in a fun and engaging manner.

The concept of CaveQueen is often built around the idea of combining prehistoric settings with modern-day LGBTQ+ culture. The show usually features a lineup of talented drag queens who entertain the audience with a mix of lip-sync performances, comedy skits, and interactive segments. The tone is humorous and satirical, offering a lighthearted yet poignant look at queer life and identity.

The venue where CaveQueen is hosted adds to the atmosphere, often being decorated in a thematic style that matches the prehistoric-meets-modern-day vibe of the show. Expect to see a blend of cave-like settings mixed with fabulous drag costumes and accessories.

Audience participation is encouraged, making each show a unique experience. Whether you're a die-hard drag fan or new to the scene, CaveQueen aims to offer an entertaining and inclusive experience that speaks to a wide range of viewers.

CaveQueen is a standout experience that encapsulates Berlin's eclectic and inclusive LGBTQ+ culture, offering a night of laughs, glamour, and thought-provoking entertainment. 🏳️‍🌈👑🎭


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Friedrichstraße 101, 10117, Berlin


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