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The Code Shop in Berlin is a unique and sex-positive store that offers a distinctive collection of limited edition designer pieces not found elsewhere. Originating from the Berlin fetish and party scene, The Code aims to showcase independent designers and artists shaping the city's underground aesthetic.

  • Embraces breaking boundaries, rules, and comfort zones.

  • Provides a comfortable and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their sensuality and kinks.

  • Offers a sex-positive environment without the seedy aspects of a regular sex shop.

  • Encourages people to discover their own desires and limits.

  • Features a back room used for gallery exhibitions, events, fashion shows, and product launches, supporting local designers and artists.

The Code Shop is a place where you can express yourself, explore your desires, and discover unique designer pieces in a welcoming and open-minded atmosphere.


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KΓΆpenicker Str. 79, 10179, Berlin

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