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Sabaah, which means "new day" or "new beginning", is a valuable resource for LGBT+ individuals with minority ethnic backgrounds in Denmark. The organization offers a range of services and activities, including counseling, networking events, and social activities. They also provide information on how to become a member or volunteer with the organization.

One of Sabaah's most popular activities is the Café Pavo networking café, which is held every Tuesday evening in Copenhagen. This is a great opportunity for LGBT+ individuals to meet new people and build supportive networks. The organization also offers the Café+ women's café, which is held every other Tuesday afternoon in Copenhagen. This is a space for women to gather, socialize, and support each other.

In addition to these activities, Sabaah also provides counseling services, including 1:1 counseling and group therapy. They also have a network for parents of LGBT+ individuals, which can provide valuable support and guidance.

Sabaah is a valuable resource for the LGBT+ community in Denmark, and is well worth supporting. If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteering with the organization, more information is available on their website. They also have an English language version of their website for international visitors.

Features at Sabaah:

  • Counseling services, including 1:1 counseling and group therapy
  • Networking events and social activities, such as the Café Pavo networking café and the Café+ women's café


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  • Volunteers selflessly work for others.


Onkel Dannys Pl. 1, 1711, Copenhagen Municipality

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