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Colours LGTBIQ+ Boutique Hotel in San José, Costa Rica, is a charming and inclusive oasis for travelers from all walks of life. 🏳️‍🌈

This Key West-styled boutique hotel has been a beloved part of the San Jose hospitality scene for over 30 years. 🌴 It's not just a gay-friendly establishment but also welcomes guests of all backgrounds who appreciate acceptance, freedom of expression, and a unique lifestyle experience.

Originally starting with nine rooms and four baths, Colours has since expanded to offer 23 rooms across two stories, each with a private bath. Some rooms even come equipped with cooking facilities, making it ideal for longer stays or group getaways. 🏨✨

The hotel boasts a full restaurant serving delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. You can also relax by the pool or soak up the sun on the terrace. Each room is tastefully and individually furnished, exuding elegance and style. Plus, some rooms can be combined into self-contained apartments with private sitting areas, perfect for larger groups. 🍽️🏊‍♂️☀️


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El Triangulo, Boulevard Rorhmoser Rorhmoser, 11109, San José


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