Cities in Colombia

There’s obviously more cities in Colombia, but these are the ones that is currently added to the guide.

What is the top gay cities in Colombia?

The top gay cities in Colombia are Bogotá 🏙️, Medellín 🌆, and Cartagena 🏖️. Each city has a vibrant gay scene with numerous bars, clubs, and events. Check out our guide to gay-friendly places in Bogotá here.

What currency is used in Colombia?

The currency used in Colombia is the Colombian Peso (COP). While cash is widely accepted, credit cards are also commonly used, especially in larger cities and tourist areas.

Is it expensive in Colombia?

Colombia offers great value for money and can be quite affordable depending on your travel style. While prices can vary, generally speaking, Colombia is considered to be a budget-friendly destination for travelers.

Do I need any extra paperwork to visit Colombia?

Most visitors to Colombia can enter with a valid passport for tourism purposes for up to 90 days. However, visa requirements vary depending on your nationality, so it's best to check with the Colombian embassy or consulate in your country for the most up-to-date information.

Is Colombia gay friendly?

Yes, Colombia is known for its warm and accepting attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community. While there may still be some pockets of prejudice, major cities like Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena are very gay-friendly and have a thriving LGBTQ+ scene.

Is gay marriage allowed in Colombia?

Absolutely! Same-sex marriage has been legal in Colombia since 2016. Love wins! ❤️🌈

Can I use English in Colombia?

While English is not widely spoken throughout Colombia, you can get by with basic English in tourist areas, hotels, and some restaurants. It's always helpful to learn a few basic Spanish phrases, and hey, learning the local language can be a fun part of your travel experience!

Should I leave a tip for waiter in Colombia?

Tipping in Colombia is not mandatory, but it is appreciated for good service. It's customary to leave about 10% of the bill as a tip. If you receive exceptional service, feel free to show your gratitude with a little extra 💸.

What's the best time of year to visit Colombia?

Colombia is a year-round destination with a variety of climates due to its diverse geography. However, the best time to visit depends on your desired activities and regions. The months of December to March and July to August are generally considered peak tourist seasons, but each season has its own charm. Check out our article on the best time to visit Colombia for more details!

What's the local language in Colombia, and how do I say basic phrases?

The local language in Colombia is Spanish. Here are a few basic phrases to help you get started:

  • 'Hello' - Hola 👋

  • 'Thank you' - Gracias 🙏

  • 'Please' - Por favor 🙏

  • 'How are you?' - ¿Cómo estás? 😊

  • 'Cheers!' - ¡Salud! 🥂

Remember, a little effort with the language can go a long way and make your interactions even more fabulous!

What's the local cuisine like in Colombia, and what are some must-try dishes?

Colombian cuisine is diverse and delicious! Some must-try dishes include:

  • 'Bandeja Paisa' - a hearty platter with rice, beans, meat, plantain, avocado, and more 🍛

  • 'Arepas' - delicious cornmeal patties often filled with cheese or other tasty ingredients 🌽

  • 'Empanadas' - fried pastries filled with meat or cheese 🥟

Don't miss out on trying the local fruits and refreshing 'jugos naturales' (fresh fruit juices) too!

What are the emergency numbers, and how do I call for help in Colombia?

In case of emergencies in Colombia, dial the following numbers:

  • Police - 123 🚓

  • Ambulance - 125 🚑

  • Fire Department - 119 🚒

If you need help or encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out. Stay safe, and remember, fierce travelers are prepared!

Are there any cultural taboos or behaviors that I should avoid in Colombia?

While Colombia is generally a welcoming country, it's important to be mindful of local customs and cultural sensitivities. Avoid discussing sensitive political topics unless the conversation naturally leads that way. Additionally, it's polite to ask for permission before taking someone's photo, especially indigenous people. Showing respect and embracing the local culture will help ensure a fabulous and unforgettable trip!