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Leather Chile is a community group for enthusiasts of leather, uniforms, and fetish attire within the Chilean gay community. Since its inception in August 2016, they have been holding monthly social gatherings aimed at strengthening bonds among members, promoting leather culture, and increasing the visibility of a lifestyle that is a part of the broader gay community in Chile.

The group has set clear goals for itself:

  • To increase the visibility of the leather world.

  • To strengthen the Leather Chile group itself.

  • To make society, including the gay community, more accustomed to their presence.

  • To contribute to creating a respectful, diverse, and pluralistic gay environment.

Leather Chile extends an invitation to actively participate in their community, offering monthly meetings that facilitate getting to know one another and building a tighter, more cohesive group among Leather peers.

For those interested in learning more about their events, seeing activity photos, or understanding group norms, Leather Chile encourages visits to their online platforms.

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