Cities in Canada

There’s obviously more cities in Canada, but these are the ones that is currently added to the guide.

What is the top gay cities in Canada?

Darling, some of the top gay cities in Canada include Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. All these cities have fabulous LGBTQ+ scenes and you'll have a fabulous time exploring them.

What currency is used in Canada?

Canada uses the Canadian Dollar (CAD) 💵. Credit cards are widely accepted, so feel free to swipe away, honey!

Is it expensive in Canada?

Canada can be a bit pricey, depending on where you go and your personal preferences. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto tend to be more expensive, while others may be more budget-friendly. Plan accordingly and keep those credit cards handy!

Do I need any extra paperwork to visit Canada?

Visitors to Canada generally need a valid passport and may also require a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depending on their nationality. Be sure to check and confirm the specific requirements based on your country of origin.

Is Canada gay friendly?

Absolutely! Canada is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries in the world. You'll find inclusive and diverse communities across the country, so feel free to let your rainbow flag fly high 🏳️‍🌈!

Is gay marriage allowed in Canada?

Yes, honey! Gay marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005. Love wins, and you can celebrate it there!

Can I use English in Canada?

Absolutely! English is one of the two official languages in Canada, the other being French. So feel free to chat away with your fabulous self.

Should I leave a tip for a waiter in Canada?

Yes, it's customary to tip your waiter in Canada. Typically, a 15-20% tip on the pre-tax bill is expected. Show some love to those hard-working servers!

What's the best time of year to visit Canada?

Canada is stunning year-round, but the best time to visit depends on your preferences. Summer (June to August) offers warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities, while winter (December to February) is perfect for skiing and snow-filled adventures. Spring and fall have milder weather and fewer crowds, making it a great time to explore as well.

What's the local language in Canada, and how do I say basic phrases?

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Here are some basic and fabulous phrases to get you started:
• Hello: Bonjour (French) / Hi (English)
• Thank you: Merci (French) / Thank you (English)
• Where's the nearest gay bar?: Où est le bar gay le plus proche? (French) / Where's the nearest gay bar? (English)
• You look fabulous!: Tu es magnifique! (French) / You look fabulous! (English)

What's the local cuisine like in Canada, and what are some must-try dishes?

Canada has a diverse and delicious cuisine. Some must-try dishes include:
• Poutine: French fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy
• Butter tarts: Sweet, buttery pastries filled with sugar, butter, and eggs
• Nanaimo bars: Decadent no-bake layered dessert bars
• Maple syrup: Drizzle it on pancakes or try some maple candy

What are the emergency numbers, and how do I call for help in Canada?

In case of an emergency in Canada, dial 9-1-1 for police, fire, or medical assistance. Stay calm and explain your situation clearly to the operator.

Are there any cultural taboos or behaviors that I should avoid in Canada?

Canadians are generally polite and friendly, but it's nice to be aware of some cultural norms. Be respectful and considerate of others, avoid loud and disruptive behavior in public, and always ask before taking someone's photo. Also, refrain from making negative comments about their national sport, ice hockey, as it may not go over well!