Cities in Belgium

There’s obviously more cities in Belgium, but these are the ones that is currently added to the guide.

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What is the top gay cities in Belgium?

Honey, Belgium has got you covered with some fabulous gay cities! Check these out: Antwerp, Brussels, and Bruges. Trust me, you'll have a fabulous time in these cities! 😉

What currency is used in Belgium?

Belgium uses the Euro (€) as its currency. And yes, darling, most places accept credit cards, so feel free to shop till you drop!

Is it expensive in Belgium?

Belgium can be a bit pricey, but it's all about living fabulously, right? Just budget wisely, and you'll have a fantastic time!

Do I need any extra paperwork to visit Belgium?

It depends on your nationality, darling. For most people, a valid passport is enough. But, for some, you might need a visa, so better check your country's embassy or consulate website.

Is Belgium gay friendly?

Absolutely, Belgium is super gay-friendly! With progressive laws and a vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, you'll feel welcomed and loved!

Is gay marriage allowed in Belgium?

Yes! Belgium legalized same-sex marriage back in 2003. So feel free to fall in love and tie the knot!

Can I use English in Belgium?

You bet, sweetie! Most Belgians speak English fluently, so you'll have no trouble navigating, conversing and flirting! 💋

Should I leave a tip for a waiter in Belgium?

Tipping is not mandatory in Belgium. However, if you received some extra fabulous service, feel free to leave a tip as a token of appreciation!

What's the best time of year to visit Belgium?

Spring and autumn are gorgeous in Belgium. You'll get to enjoy pleasant weather, fewer crowds and all the fabulousness Belgium has to offer!

What's the local language in Belgium, and how do I say basic phrases?

Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. Here are a few basic yet sassy phrases:

  • Dutch: 'Hé schatje!' (Hey, babe!)

  • French: 'Salut mon chéri!' (Hi, my darling!)

  • German: 'Hallöchen, Süße!' (Hello, cutie!)

What's the local cuisine like in Belgium, and what are some must-try dishes?

Belgium's cuisine is delicious and filling! Here are some must-try dishes:

  • Belgian waffles

  • Moules-frites (mussels and fries)

  • Belgian chocolate

  • Beer, darling, lots of beer!

What are the emergency numbers, and how do I call for help in Belgium?

Remember these numbers, sweetie: general emergency number (112), police (101), and medical assistance (100). Just dial and help will be on its way!

Are there any cultural taboos or behaviors that I should avoid in Belgium?

Belgians are pretty laid-back, but it's always wise to be respectful. Just avoid speaking loudly in public, and refrain from talking about politics or making fun of their language situation, and you'll fit right in!