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Cinema-Erotic is a cruise bar located near Schönbrunn that offers a unique and exciting experience for those looking to explore their desires and indulge in some steamy entertainment. The establishment features a variety of adult films that are played on the big screen and can be enjoyed in a comfortable cinema setting. In addition, there are solo cabins available for those who want to act out their own sexual fantasies in private.

The staff at Cinema-Erotic is dedicated to making every guest feel welcome and comfortable. They take the time to personally advise and explain everything to ensure that everyone has a great time. Even if you are visiting Cinema-Erotic for the first time, you don't need to worry about feeling out of place or uncomfortable. The staff places a strong emphasis on discretion and making sure that everyone feels at ease.

In addition to the cinema, Cinema-Erotic also has a shop that offers a wide range of products for purchase. There is a large selection of magazines and DVDs catering to a variety of interests, including gay, bi, and straight audiences. The shop also carries a variety of sex toys, dildos, condoms, and other items to enhance your experience.

Cinema-Erotic is a great destination for those looking to explore their desires and enjoy some steamy entertainment in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The staff is dedicated to making sure every guest has a great time, and the establishment offers a variety of options for both solo and group play. If you are in the area and looking for a unique and exciting experience, be sure to check out Cinema-Erotic.

Features at Cinema-Erotic:

  • Adult films shown on the big screen in a comfortable cinema setting
  • Solo cabins available for private play
  • Strong emphasis on discretion
  • Wide range of magazines and DVDs catering to a variety of interests
  • Variety of sex toys, dildos, condoms, and other items available for purchase


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  • The cinema is clean and well equipped, but there are a lot of old men present.
  • The doors to the small rooms don't always lock


Sechshauser Str. 128, 1150, Vienna


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